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  1. Film speed (5065 bytes)
    1: with a shorter exposure and is called a ''fast film''.
    4: ...inear scale and a logarithmic scale for measuring film speed.
    6: ...wice as sensitive as a film rated ISO 100/21°.
    8: generally rated between 100/21° and 800/30°, inclusive.
    10: The following table shows the correspondence between these scales:
  2. Film (18911 bytes)
    2: [[Image:Film reel and film.jpg|thumb|250px|"Film" refers to the celluloid media on which movies ar...
    4: ...-speaking international community prefer to use ''film'' or "cinema", due to the colloquial nature of th...
    6: ...ception of motion — a psychological effect identified as [[beta movement]].
    8: ...] or [[subtitle]]s that translate the dialogue. Films are also artifacts created by specific cultures,...
    11: ==History of film==

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  1. Hanging Gardens of Babylon (4963 bytes)
    1: ...[image:ogrody_semiramidy.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Gardens of Semiramis, 20th century interpretation]]
    3: ...[[Babylon]] were considered one of the [[Seven Wonders of the World]]. They were both supposedly buil...
    5: ...t completely substantiate what look like fanciful descriptions.
    7: ... possible use of something similar to an [[Archimedes' screw]] as a process of raising the water to th...
    8: ...'s History of the Ancients program The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. -->
  2. King Arthur (22450 bytes)
    1: ...h [[Medieval]] Welsh texts often call him ''amerauder'' ("[[emperor]]").
    5: ...his power and the extent and kind of power he wielded continues to rage.
    7: ...Geoffrey Ashe and Leon Fleuriot, have argued for identifying Arthur with a certain [[Riothamus]], "Kin...
    9: the historical career of Artorius makes this identification unlikely, as there seems to be little ...
    11: ...eves that Arthur is a half-forgotten Celtic deity devolved into a personage (citing sometimes a suppos...
  3. China (38909 bytes)
    1: ...e [[3rd century BC]] to protect the north from raiders on horseback.]]
    3: ...nding on one's point of view, modern China can be described as a single [[civilization]] or multiple c...
    5: ...of China]] in [[1912]]; however the next four decades were marred by warlordism, the [[Second Sino-Jap...
    7: ...utes on [[Chinese reunification]]/[[Taiwan independence]] issues.
    14: ...of China at the centre of her known world, surrounded by lesser tributary states.
  4. Religion in China (12456 bytes)
    1: ...0px|Temple incense near Beijing China. Image provided by [ Classroom Clipar...
    3: ... religions dot the landscape of China. The most widespread religion of China is [[Chinese traditional ...
    9: ...r belief systems that developed within China include [[ancestor worship]], [[Chinese folk religion]], ...
    11: ...etween the forces of heaven and earth. A central idea of the [[dynastic cycle]] was that an unjust imp...
    13: Minor religions introduced from abroad include [[Islam]] and [[Christianity]].
  5. November 4 (10686 bytes)
    7: ...)|Antwerp]] (after three days the city was nearly destroyed).
    8: ...Moscow]] China Town taken by [[Russia]]n troops under command of [[Dmitri Mikhailovich Pozharski|Dmitr...
    10: ...[[Kingdom of Sardinia|Sardinia]], which soon expanded to become [[Italy]].
    12: ...bombard a [[United States|Union]] supply base and destroy millions of dollars in material.
    14: ... Democratic Party|Democrat]] [[Grover Cleveland]] defeats [[United States Republican Party|Republican]...
  6. List of people by name: Ab (7347 bytes)
    4: ...bacha|Abacha, Sani]], (1943-1998), [[List of Presidents of Nigeria|dictator]] of [[Nigeria]] (1993-199...
    9: *[[Abati]] ''aka'' Niccolo Dell'Abbato, (1512-1571), artist
    22: ...a Ahmad Abbas|Abbas, Khwaja Ahmad]], (1914-1987), film director
    50: *[[Abd-el-Kader]], (circa 1807-1883), Emir of Mascara
    52: ... Abdo|Abdo, Hussam]], (born 1989), Palestine suicide bomber
  7. List of people by name: Ah (925 bytes)
    4: ...951]]), [[Taoiseach|Irish prime minister]] and leader of [[Fianna Fᩬ]]
    7: ...feldt, Karl Gustav]], ([[1910]]-[[1985]]), Danish film actor
    11:|Ahmad, Mirza Ghulam]] ([[1839]]-[[1908]]), founder of [[Ahmadi]] sect
    16: ...isaari, Martti]], (born 1937), UN diplomat & president of [[Finland]]
  8. Sibylla of Jerusalem (11497 bytes)
    1: ...Melisende of Jerusalem|Queen Melisende]] had provided an example of successful rule by a queen regnant...
    5: ... former Queen [[Melisende of Jerusalem]], who founded the convent of St. Lazarus in Bethany for her si...
    9: ...t cousin of Sibylla, arrived in [[1177]] and demanded to have the princess married to one of his own v...
    11: ...tween the princess and his prisoner, Saladin demanded a large ransom, which Baldwin himself could not ...
    19: ...he accord between Jerusalem and Egypt. Baldwin IV deposed Guy as regent in [[1183]] and attempted to h...
  9. Isabella of Castile (4156 bytes)
    2: ...ain|Ferdinand V]] as co-ruler. She was also the ''de-facto'' co-ruler of her husband's dominions. This...
    5: ...-granddaughter to [[Nuno Alvares Pereira]], Count de Barcelos and his wife Leonor Alvim, Countess of B...
    8: ...Her final set of grandparents were [[Afonso, Duke de Braganza]], a son of John I of Portugal by Inez P...
    10: ... [[Henry the Navigator]], and his wife [[Isabella de Bragan硝].
    19: As a reaction, Isabella was despised by opposers to Franco.
  10. Eleanor of Aquitaine (11927 bytes)
    3: '''Eleanor of Aquitaine''' ([[Bordeaux]], [[France]], c. [[1124]] – [[March 31]...
    6: ...], [[Duke of Aquitaine]], and her mother was Ʈor de Chⴥllerault, the daughter of Aimeric I, Vicomte...
    8: ... and richest of the provinces that would become modern [[France]], when her brother, William Aigret, d...
    10: ...uld remain independent of France, and Eleanor's eldest son would be both King of France and [[Dukes of...
    12: ...paign, with her, the Queen of France, as their leader.
  11. Marguerite de Valois (5364 bytes)
    1: ...humb|250px|right|style=margin-left:1em|Marguerite de Valois]]
    2: '''Marguerite de Valois''' ([[May 14]], [[1553]] – [[May 27]...
    4: ...f [[Henry II of France|Henri II]] and [[Catherine de' Medici]]. Three of her brothers became kings of...
    6: ...eanne d'Albret died before the marriage was concluded.
    8: ... It was reported that during the ceremony, the bride and groom stared straight ahead, never looking at...
  12. Mary I of England (24813 bytes)
    8: ... or [[19 July]] 1553 (''[[de facto]]'') until her death. Mary, the fourth and penultimate monarch of t...
    13: ...was created Princess of Wales, even though he was deeply disappointed that his wife had again failed t...
    15: ...[[English language|English]]. Other studies included [[Greek language|Greek]], [[science]], and [[mus...
    17: ...h England. A marriage treaty was signed; it provided that the Princess Mary should marry either Franc...
    19: ... [[Roman Catholic Church]]. All appeals from the decisions of English ecclesiastical courts to the Po...
  13. Mary I of Scotland (27810 bytes)
    7: ...of Scots,''' was the ruler of [[Scotland]] from [[December 14]], [[1542]] – [[July 24]], [[1567]...
    9: ...[[1516]] – [[1558]]), and whose reign coincided with that of Mary, Queen of Scots.
    12: ...ames V of Scotland]] and his French wife, [[Marie de Guise]].
    15: of the royal house had gone extinct before the death of Mary's father.
    17: ...Stuart during her time in France, and she and her descendants stuck with it.)
  14. Christina of Sweden (9364 bytes)
    1: ...attle of L?] ([[November 6]], [[1632]]) during Sweden's intervention in Germany in the [[Thirty Years'...
    3: <table border=1 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 align=right style=...
    5: ...ourdon stor.jpg|center|185px|Christina of Sweden, depicted by S颡stien Bourdon]]
    12:>'''Predecessor'''<td>[[Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden]]
    13: ...lign=top><td>'''Successor'''<td>[[Charles X of Sweden]]
  15. Elizabeth I of England (34338 bytes)
    7: monarch of the [[Tudor dynasty]], having succeeded her half-sister, [[Mary I of England|Mary I]]. S...
    9: ...]. Elizabeth was a short-tempered and sometimes indecisive ruler. This last quality, viewed with impat...
    11: The reign was marked by prudence in the granting of [[British honours system|ho...
    16: ...on after [[Edward VI of England|Prince Edward]] under the [[English Act of Succession|Act of Successio...
    18: ...daughter's spiritual welfare to Parker before her death. Later, Parker would become the first Archbish...
  16. Diana, Princess of Wales (29391 bytes)
    5: dead=dead |
    8: date_of_death=[[31 August]], [[1997]] |
    9: place_of_death=[[Paris]], [[France]]
    11: ...t always called '''Princess Diana''' by the media despite never having had the right to that title, as...
    13: ... [[charity]] work, the Princess's philanthropic endeavours were overshadowed by a [[scandal]]-plagued ...
  17. Alexandra Kollontai (3203 bytes)
    1: of the very few "[[Old Bolshevik]]s" to escape death during the [[Great Purge]]s of the [[1930s]].
    5: ...Vladimir Lenin]] in [[1903]], Kollontai did not side with either faction. However, she came to dislik...
    7: ... known for founding the [[Zhenodtel]] or "Women's Department" in [[1919]]. This organization worked to...
    11: ... Kollontai was more or less totally politically sidelined.
    13: ... [[Sweden]]. She was also a member of the Soviet delegation to the [[League of Nations]]. She died i...
  18. Emma Goldman (12210 bytes)
    3: ... language representative in [[London]] of the [[Federaci󮠁narquista Ib鲩ca|CNT-FAI]].
    6: ...for her anarchist ideas and her independent attitude.
    9: At the age of 17 she emigrated with her elder sister, Helene, to Rochester, NY, to live with t...
    10: ...anberkman.jpe|thumb|240px|right|Goldman and Alexander Berkman]]
    13: ...attempted assassination of [[Henry Clay Frick]] made her highly unpopular with the authorities. Berkma...
  19. Rosa Parks (8331 bytes)
    6: ... of the [[NAACP]]. She also attended the [[Highlander Folk School]], an education center for workers' ...
    8: ...She was arrested, tried, and convicted for [[disorderly conduct]] and for violating a local ordinance.
    10: night, 50 leaders of the negro community, headed by a relatively unknown minister ([[Martin Luthe...
    14: ...1965]] until [[1988]]. She continues to reside in Detroit.
    16: ==Debated aspects of Parks' story and its place in the...
  20. Isabel Allende (3632 bytes)
    1: ...ughter of [[Salvador Allende]], see [[Isabel Allende (politician)]]''
    3: ...[Image:Isabelallende_writer.gif|thumb|Isabel Allende]]
    4: '''Isabel Allende Llona''' (born [[August 2]], [[1942]]) is a [[Chi...
    6: ...nde, the cousin of [[Salvador Allende]], the President of [[Chile]] from [[1970]] to [[1973|73]]. In...
    8: ...n to [[Lebanon]]. While in Bolivia, Allende attended an [[United States|American]] private school, an...

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