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Japanese ???
Romaji ???
Anime Name Vegetto
Manga Name ???
Alternate Name(s) Vegito
Vejitto, Vejito
Bejitto, Bejito
Canon to Original Manga
First Appearance Issue #???
(DBZ Issue #??)
Appears in Template:Appears in:DBZ
Race Saiyan (potara fusion)
Family Connections
DB Character Listing - Category

Vegetto is a fictional character in the anime Dragon Ball Z. He is the result of Goku and Vegeta fused using the Potara fusion earrings. His name is derived from Vegeta and Kakarotto (Goku's real name). Vegetto is the strongest full blood Saiyan in all of Dragon Ball Z

Vegetto has many different spelling variations. The 'g' can be replaced with a 'j', the second 'e' with an 'i', and it can use either one or two 't's.

The Potara earring fusion used to form Vegetto is what the Kaio consider to be the proper way to do fusion, opposed to the fusion dance technique. The resulting fusion is of higher quality, theoretically giving the fusion of Goku and Vegetta a higher power level than is possible with the fusion dance. Goku and Vegeta's rivalry some how made the fusion more compatible giving them even more power than expected. Vegetto is by far the strongest warrior in Dragonball Z. Unlike Gogeta, Vegetto has access to all of Goku and Vegeta's techniques except for spirit bomb since, because of Vegeta, he is not pure of heart.

Vegetto acts very arrogant because he wants to be absorbed by Super Buu and be able to save the others. Everything he does was in order to accomplish this main objective. Normally, a fusion with the Potara fusion earrings can never be broken up, but Goku and Vegetta were split because of Buu's digestive system.

Special abilities

  • Banshee Blast - charges up five little yellow balls of energy one for each of his fingers, and throws them at his opponent. Creates a fairly large explosions and lots of smoke. He uses this techniques to destroy Super Buu's kamikaze ghosts (little explosive ghostly incarnations of himself).
  • Flash sword - A piercing sword of pure energy (bright, flashing yellow in color) that can cut through almost anything. He uses this attack once to impale Super Buu and a second time to blow his head off. Extremely powerful. Of Vegeto's techniques, this is second only to the final flash (barely) and the final kamehameha.
  • Fighting Candy - Not really an ability, but after being turned into chocolate by Buu so that he can be consumed, Vegetto is still able to fight as a small candy.
  • Big bang attack - This is Vegeta's attack, but Vegetto can also use it because Vegeta is part of him. Vegetto extends one arm outwards, turns his hand up at a 90 degree angle, charges up and fires off a blue comet-like energy projectile that creates an enormous explosion upon contact. Vegetto uses this technique to blow Super Buu to bits. This attack contains enough power to destroy a planet.
  • Solar Flare - Vegetto never uses this technique but has access to it because Goku/Kakarotto can use it. The user puts both hands on his fore head and yells out "solar flare!" and releases a blinding flash of energy from his body. This attack temporarilly blinds the opponent, leaving them defenseless for a period of time.
  • Kamehameha wave - Goku/Kakarotto's special attack. Vegetto can use it, too, since Goku is part of him. Vegetto cups his hands behind him to one side of his body, leaving them a little bit open and charges up his energy while saying "". When ready he throws his hands out in front of him (his hands are open but the heels of his palms are still touching) and yells out "ha!" and releases a very powerful concentrated beam of blue (usually, but somtimes yellow) energy. Vegetto uses this technique to blast a hole through Super Buu. Could destroy planets if enough power was put into it.
  • Final Flash - In theory, Vegetto could have used this technique since it belongs to Vegeta, but he never did. The user spreads his arms at his sides with palms open and charges up for a long time (making it difficult to complete charge up without being attacked). When ready the user puts his hands in front of him in the shape you would fire a kamehameha wave except sideways and yells out "Final Flash!". A colosal beam of energy (yellow in color) is released that consumes everything in it's path. Easily contains enough power to completely demolish the planet if not used carefully.
  • Instant translocation/instant transmission - One of Goku's techniques that Vegetto can also use because Goku is a part of him. Instantly transports Vegetto to any place he's seen before by concentrating on a location and warping there at a speed faster than that of light. Vegetto uses this technique to escape an ambush by Super Buu's kamikaze ghosts.
  • Gallic gun - Vegeta's technique. Vegetto never used this technique but could have because he has accsess to Goku and Vegeta's special moves. The user puts his arms behind and on one side of his body, with his palms facing the same direction, charges up and starts to spark a lot and says "gallic gun...". The user then throws his arms out in front of him and says "fire!" and fires off a concentrated beam of purple colored energy (similar to the kamehameha wave).
  • Destructo disc - Vegetto never used this technique but is able to because Vegeta who is part of him, copied it from Krillin/Kuririn. The user puts one hand in the air, says creates a spinning jig saw-like energy disc, yells "destructo disc" and throws it at the oponent.
  • Final Kamehameha - Vegetto's strongest technique. Some say this technique is non-canon since the name was not stated in the anime and it was not in the manga at all. But it is a technique in various different Dragonball Z video games and was was shown on the anime series. Vegetto did not say the attack name but it is listed as the final kamehameha in most attack lists. This attack is a combination of the final flash and the kamehameha wave. Vegetto puts both of his hands in front of him, combines the energy of the final flash and the kamehameha into a compact bright white ball with a blue-ish glow and is surrounded by a blue aura. The ball is only about the size of Vegetto himself. Vegetto fires off the ball which creates a gigantic explosion on contact and leaves a huge cloud of smoke behind. The charge up and hand positions are a bit different in the video games, where Vegetto charges it like a final flash and fires it like a kamehameha. Vegeto uses this technique to blow off Super Buu's left arm, small parts of his right arm antena, both of his legs and batter up the rest of his body quite a bit. This technique probably would have killed Super Buu if Vegetto had been Super Saiyan when he used

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