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Prince Vegeta
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Japanese ベジータ
Romaji Bejīta
Anime Name Vegeta
Manga Name Vegeta
Alternate Name(s) Prince Vegeta
Canon to Original Manga
First Appearance Issue #???
(DBZ Issue #?)
Appears in Template:Appears in:DBZ, DBGT
Race Saiyan
Family Connections
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Vegeta or Prince Vegeta (Japanese: ベジータ Romaji: Bejiita) is a fictional character in the manga Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and the anime Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. He is a Saiyan.

His name is a contraction of the word "vegetable", a pun on the fact that all the other Saiyans have names based on vegetables (e.g. Raditz = Radish, Brolli = Broccoli.) As he is royalty, he receives the generic name rather than a specific vegetable. Like several other Dragon Ball characters, Vegeta was initially introduced as an unrepentant villain. Perhaps befitting royalty, Vegeta has been typically characterized as extremely proud, antisocial, and somewhat cold, largely a product of his harsh upbringing caused by Freeza and the subsequent destruction of most the Saiyajin's race. Many early stints of heroism were actually due to self-interest, although he obviously settles down and grows fond of the earth as his home, later raising a family.

He is occasionally plagued by nagging self-doubt (especially about his abilities) although he will never admit it to anyone. His opinion of Goku runs the gamut from contempt to rivalry to grudging respect, especially since Goku always takes an optimistic opinion about him.

Because of his severity Vegeta is sometimes an amusing target of comedy in the English dub, the most infamous being a bit of adlibbing referring to him wearing a pink shirt at the time.



Saiyan Saga

Vegeta is introduced to Dragon Ball Z aged twenty-five as a mercenary for Freeza. He comes to Earth when he receives Raditz's report of seven magic stones known as Dragonballs that will grant wishes. He decides to come and use them for immortality. While on Earth he kills his fighting partner Nappa as a punishment for being too weak to defeat Goku. Vegeta addresses Goku as 'Kakarotto', as this is his Saiyan name.

Vegeta fights Son Goku in a lengthy battle. Vegeta began with the most blows, however Goku managed to stay ahead using his Kaio-kan technique which allowed him to multiply his body strength. At one point, Vegeta had transformed into an Oozaru form (giant ape), which Saiyans with tails can do when affected by the full moon. Goku and Vegeta had been nearly even before, but Vegeta's new strength gave him the edge, making him able to crush Goku to the point of paralysis, but his tail was sliced off by Yajirobe before he could kill him.

Kuririn nearly kills Vegeta using Yajirobe's sword, but Goku intervenes, saying they have to show Vegeta that they are "made of better stuff" because he (Goku) is also a Saiyan. Vegeta escapes and goes to a hospital on one of the planets conquered by Freeza. As the prince of the Saiyans, he cannot understand how a "low-level" like Goku could have bested him.

Freeza Saga

Vegeta enters the anime again on Planet Namek. He is, again, looking for the Dragon Balls. During his stay on the planet he meets up with Kuririn and Gohan and forms an uneasy alliance with them to keep Freeza from getting the Dragon Balls, who wants them for immortality so he can take over the Universe. While there Vegeta learns from Dodoria, Freeza's left-hand man, the true circumstances of Planet Vegeta's destruction by Freeza himself.

Eventually, after repeatedly and unsuccessfully sending his henchman after Vegeta, Freeza decides to take matters into his own hands. During the fight, Vegeta concocts a plan to reach the rank of Super Saiyan by having Krilling hurt him so badly, leaving only an inch of his life. This plan fails, however. After a long fight, Freeza kills Vegeta as Kuririn, Gohan and Goku stand by in horror. Vegeta dies slowly and painfully, pouring his heart and his past out to Goku as the only other pure-blooded Saiyan left alive. Goku makes a moving speech after Vegeta's death, and buries him.

Vegeta reappears when a wish is made with the Dragon Balls to bring back everyone killed on Planet Namek. He is accidentally revived, and brought to Earth, but not before he sees that Goku has transformed into the legendary Super Saiyan warrior that Saiyan legend says will appear only every three millennia [sic as said by Vegeta, though in another translation, he simply says it has been 3 millennia since the last one, leading one to believe there have been only 2 Super Saiyans at that time]. Meanwhile, Goku defeats Freeza but, unbeknowst to Goku, Freeza lives. Goku then goes off to train and heal in space. Vegeta follows him in a spaceship he steals from Bulma, in an attempt to find Goku and find out from him how to become a Super Saiyan (this occurs only in the anime).

Trunks Saga

After a year, Vegeta returns to Earth, not having found Goku. Soon, a boy appears from the future in a time machine, saying that Goku will soon reappear. Lo and behold, Goku does just that - it transpires that he ended up on Planet Yardrat and learned Instant Transmission from the natives. The boy, named Trunks (Mirai Trunks), says that his father is Vegeta, his mother is Bulma, and he is a Super Saiyan. He kills Freeza and King Cold (Freeza's father), gives Goku an antidote to the heart virus that will soon strike him, and says that in three years some androids will come and attack the Earth and kill all of the Z Warriors.

Androids Saga

Three years pass, and sure enough, Vegeta gets together with Bulma and a baby named Trunks (Chibi Trunks) is born. Then the androids show up. They are Android 19 and Android 20. Goku fights #19 but has a heart attack during the battle. Everyone thinks he is a goner as #19 begins to strangle him, but Vegeta comes out of nowhere and attacks #19, saving Goku who is airlifted away by Yamcha. Vegeta turns Super Saiyan (amazing Gohan and the others who are watching) and destroys Android 19. After pursuing Android 20 (who is really Dr. Gero) Vegeta and the rest of the team discover Android 16, Android 17, and Android 18. They easily defeat Vegeta, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and the other Z Fighters, then head off to look for Goku in order to destroy him - their mission in life. Mirai Trunks gives everyone senzu, then Vegeta spends three days stood on a cliff, thinking about his defeat. He decides that there must be a level beyond Super Saiyan, and resolves to reach it. Vegeta enters the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Kami's Lookout and trains for a whole day (a year while inside) with Trunks.

Cell Saga

Then an android called Cell shows up from the future. He says he needs to absorb the androids #17 and #18 to become perfect. Vegeta allows him to do this, so that he will be a challenge for Vegeta to fight, and Cell becomes perfect. Vegeta and Trunks fight Cell but are defeated. Cell proposes a tournament so that he can have some fun before destroying Earth.

At the tournament, the weak human fighter Hercule (known as Mr. Satan in the Japanese version) and his trainees attack first but are easily defeated. Then Goku attacks. He fights Cell for a while but it is clear that Cell is stronger. Goku retreats and sends 11-year-old Gohan out to fight. Gohan is afraid until Android 16 (who is now allied with Goku) is killed - when this happens, Gohan transforms beyond Super Saiyan into Super Saiyan 2. After being pounded for a bit Cell spits out Android 18. No longer perfect, he begins to self destruct as a last resort. Goku teleports him to King Kai's planet, and is killed in the explosion. Cell regenerates and returns to Earth, where he immediately kills Mirai Trunks. Vegeta attacks Cell in a rage after his son goes down but is easily knocked aside. Cell is defeated by Gohan's Kamehameha attack after Vegeta distracts him - this allows Gohan's beam to finally overcome Cell's.

Buu Saga

Seven years pass and a World Martial Arts Tournament comes along. Goku is allowed to come back to Earth for 24 hours so he can fight in it. He meets his son Goten (who was born after Goku was killed) and the tournament starts. Soon, Supreme Kai (Shin) and Kibito appear and tell Goku that a wizard named Babidi is about to unleash a fat, evil monster named Buu on the world, and they must help stop him. Buu needs energy from fighters so he can be freed from the shell he is trapped inside.

Goku prepares to go with Shin but Vegeta is enraged - he was scheduled to fight Goku, and thinks Goku is trying to wriggle out of it. He joins Goku, Gohan, Videl (Gohan's girlfriend), Piccolo and Kuririn and they follow Shin to Babidi's ship. Piccolo and Kuririn are turned to stone statues by Dabura, one of Babidi's henchmen. Videl returns to the tournament, advised that the fight against Babidi might be too dangerous for her as she is inexperienced. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Shin enter Babidi's ship.

They fight their way down the levels, encountering a different Majin (Babidi's fighters) at each level - Vegeta defeats Pui-Pui and Goku defeats Yakon, then Gohan begins to fight Dabura. Dabura retreats, saying that there is a different fighter who is more powerful. They are confused - Shin says that Dabura is the most powerful Majin. Suddenly, Vegeta begins acting strangely, claiming that something invisible is attacking him. Shin informs the others that Babidi is trying to take over Vegeta's mind, and they encourage him to fight back: but it is too late.

Babidi orders Vegeta to destroy Goku, Gohan and Shin, but Vegeta refuses. He says he will only fight Goku. Babidi is surprised by Vegeta's ability to fight his mind control, but obediently transports the three fighters and Shin back to the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Vegeta blows up part of the spectator stands to convince Goku to fight him. Goku eventually agrees. They go to a secluded mountain area, and fight. Throughout the battle, Babidi is drawing off the energy spent by Goku and Vegeta and using it to try and revive the sleeping Buu. Eventually, Goku calls a halt to the fight, as he senses Buu's ki and knows he has been released. When Goku turns his back to get out the last senzu bean and split it between them, Vegeta attacks and knocks him out. Vegeta takes the senzu bean and goes to fight Buu by himself: he feels that he owes Goku for the destruction wreaked during the Cell Games, as it was his fault Cell absorbed #18. Vegeta wants to repay his debt by saving the Earth.

Vegeta fights Buu, but cannot win. In the end, Vegeta uses a self-destruct technique and destroys himself in an attempt to kill Buu in the nuke-like explosion. This technique fails, as Buu regenerates from the pieces of him which are left.

Vegeta is given the chance of another shot at Buu by King Yemma, ruler of the Underworld, and returns to Earth - unfortunately, he's still dead. He finds Goku (now brought back to life, thanks to one of Shin's ancestors) who tells him that everyone has been killed or absorbed by Buu. Goku asks Vegeta to put on one of the Portara earrings so that they can permanently fuse their bodies and minds together and fight as one. After some emotional blackmail, Goku mentions the fact that Bulma has been killed, which inspires Vegeta to avenge his love even if it means being stuck with Goku forever. Vegeta agrees, and they fuse into a new being, Vegetto.

Vegetto fights Buu, who has now taken on a new, tougher form: Super Buu. However, Vegetto realises that he cannot destroy Buu because his friends and family have been absorbed into Buu's body. Vegetto allows Buu to absorb him, and finds himself inside Buu. The strange circumstances cause the fusion to separate and Goku and Vegeta find themselves in their own bodies. Not entirely, though: they are still telepathically linked. Goku and Vegeta fight their way through Buu's body to the brain, where they find not only Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo but also the original fat form of Buu! They deduce from reading the fat Buu's mind that at some time in the past, Buu split into his good and evil sides. The evil side absorbed the good side, Mr. Buu.

Goku and Vegeta fight a "thought-form" of Super Buu inside the brain, and get badly beaten. Buu is about to destroy Goku when Vegeta distracts him by threatening to tear Fat Buu out of the pod he is trapped inside. Vegeta does so, then Goku and Vegeta escape. They take their sons, Piccolo and Fat Buu with them.

(The manga version was slightly different. For example, Buu didn't beat Goku up in his own body, just some comedy scenes. Moreover, Fat Buu was not brought out by Goku and Vegeta here)

Kid Buu Saga

Once outside, they see that Buu's form is changing again. He morphs back into Kid Buu, his original form before he absorbed Dai Kaio, the benevolent leader of the Kais.

Kid Buu blows up Earth. Shin (who has fused with Kibito to form Template:DB:LDBC) rescues Goku and Vegeta. They fly to try and reach their sons, but Goku makes a detour and picks up Hercule Satan, the young Namekian healer Dende and Hercule's pet Labrador puppy Bee. There is no time to save Gohan, Goten, Trunks or Piccolo and Shin teleports Goku and Vegeta to the sacred Planet of the Kais. Vegeta blames Goku for the needless death of their sons. They watch through a crystal ball and see that Kid Buu is destroying planet after planet. They decide it can't go on, and power up to entice him to come to the sacred planet to fight them.

After playing a quick game of Jan Ken Pon to decide it, Goku gets to fight first. He fights Kid Buu for a long time as a SSJ3, but starts quickly losing power and eventually collapses when he tries to fire the powerful Kamehameha attack. Vegeta steps in and fights for a short time, but is no match for Kid Buu. Goku recovers in the nick of time and begins fighting again at his full strength.

Vegeta goes through a long flashback sequence, remembering how he met Goku and everything that's happened since then - he thinks about their different attitudes to their families, about Goku's friends, and most of all about their strength. He finally comes to terms with Goku's greater power and acknowledges him as the best, "the number 1" - it is Goku who will defeat Kid Buu. Goku is the legend his race has been waiting for.

Goku eventually uses a spirit bomb (or "Genki Dama") at Vegeta's suggestion, using energy from the revived Earth, and Kid Buu is defeated. The fighters return to Earth and Vegeta goes on to father a second child, his daughter Bra.

Dragonball GT (Non-Canon)

Bebi Saga In the saga, Bebi, and artificially-created Tsufuru (the race that use to live on the Saiyan's homeworld before being wiped out by the stronger race) came to Earth and entered Vegeta's body, controlling him completely. Bebi-Vegeta spread his control, taking the minds of everyone on Earth using special seeds save those with special protection (ie. Mr. Buu's ability to control his body in any way he wishes protected him from the seeds). After creating a new Tsufuru homeworld with the Dragon Balls, he began moving the people of Earth there bit by bit, proclaiming himself ruler. After a battle with Goku, who managed to reach Super Saiyan 4, Bebi-Vegeta transformed to a Golden Oozaru (giant ape) form. The two battled and Goku eventually won by slicing off Vegeta's tail. Bebi fled Vegeta's body and was blasted into the Sun by Goku.

Super 17 Saga After Goku gets trapped in HFIL, and there fights Frieza and Cell, Vegeta claims that he is the Earth's protector in the case of Goku's absence. He fights Artificial 17 before that 17 fuses with Android 17 to Super 17. Vegeta is determined to win the battle, he even uses his Final Shine Attack, however this proves futile, as Super 17 simply absorbs the attack. It's Goku again who has to come to the rescue. Vegeta then decides to take care of Trunks, and tells him to rest, as he senses that Goku and Android 18 have finally delivered the final blow to Super 17.

Shenron Saga As Goku continues to have trouble against the One Star Dragon, Vegeta comes to help him. Able to transform in Super Sayian 4 thanks to the Blutz Wave from a invention from Bulma. When that doesn't prove to be enough to stop the dragon, Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Gogeta. They proceed to bat the dragon around a bit but run out of power before they can finish him. Vegeta then suggest using a Spirit Bomb to take out the creature and buys Goku some time to form it while he holds the dragon back. Eventually, thanks to the people of the Earth and universe, Goku gains a big enough bomb to finish the dragon off.

Special abilities

Gyarikku-Hou/galic gun:
A beam similar to the Kamehameha wave. Vegeta charges it up like a kamehameha wave with his hands behind his back on one side of his body, except both hands are facing the same direction. Vegeta starts to spark a lot (purple and yellow sparks) and says "gallic gun". Vegeta then throws his hands out in front of him and yells "fire!" and fires off a concentrated, purple energy beam from his hands and body. Vegeta uses this against Goku in their first fight during the Saiyan Saga. Translated as Garlic Gun or Galic Gun. Some people think it is named after the vegetable, garlic, and others say it is short for galactic gun fire. Capable of destroying small planets if enough power is put into it.

Ring Jyou no/energy rings:
Vegeta creates five energy rings which he then uses to pin his opponent by binding their limbs and neck. He used this ability in his fight with Goku during the Buu Saga.

Final Flash:
The Final Flash attack is performed by Vegeta extending his arms outwards from the sides of his body, then placing the base of his hands together directly forward and releasing a colossal, devastating Ki beam that consumes everything in it's path. This enormous wave of pure energy can deal serious harm to even fighters much stronger than himself; however, it requires some time to "charge up." He critically wounded Cell with it (He took off his right arm and shoulder and part of the right side of his body) and could have injured him even more if his aim was a little bit better. He uses the attack again several times but in a different way, the alternate version is a quickly charged "blast" rather than a beam. He uses it this way when fighting Goku as Majin Vegeta during the Buu saga. This attack is incredibly powerful and could easily completely demolish the entire planet and it's surroundings.

Big Bang Attack:
Vegeta's second most powerful attack. Vegeta extends his arm and opens his palm and turns his hand up at a 90 degree angle (as if to signal "Stop") and starts to charge up. He then fires a sphere of Ki, a large energy ball or comet-like energy projectile. This attack is either blue or yellow in color and creates an enormous explosion upon contact. Powerful enough to destroy the planet.

Final Shine:
A powerful and quick to charge up attack Vegeta launches at Super 17. It has little effect on the super android, however. It is green in color and is a straight concentrated explosive beam.

Majin SSJ2 Vegeta uses this attack against Majin Buu. He engulfs himself in fiery energy and charges up for a while and when he gathers all of the energy in his body, he cuts loose and releases a titanic burst of energy in the shape of an orb/dome and keeps expanding until Vegeta is out of energy vaporising Buu but killing himself in the process. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to defeat Majin Buu. Sometimes called final explosion or ultimate sacrifice by fans. It was also called desperation attack in the video game "dragonball z legendary super warriors". It is bright yellow with a red-ish orange glow in color. This attack is even stronger than the final flash since it uses up every ounce of Vegeta's energy.

Oozaru, Golden Oozaru, Super Saiyan, Sp Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai or Ultra Super Saiyan 1 (Super Vegeta), Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 4.

Note that in many games the Majin Vegeta form is listed as a transformation, this is incorrect as it is a powerup rather than a true fr:Vgta ja:ベジータ nl:Vegeta


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