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Fusion Saga

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In the fictional anime Dragon Ball Z, the Fusion Saga deals with the Fusion dance technique, the Kai˘ Potara Earring Fusion, and the emergence of Gotenks and Vegetto, all during the battle between the Z Warriors and their most formidable foe, the ruthless Buu.


Major players


The second Buu we see is Evil Buu, who looks like a grey and desiccated version of Fat Buu at first. Evil Buu kills the two men who shot Hercule (Mr. Satan) and the puppy and then confronts and fights the Good Buu. Good Buu attempts his conversion attack on Evil Buu, but Evil Buu simply reflects it back at him. Good Buu is turned into chocolate and is eaten by Evil Buu who then changes. Evil Buu is now muscular, wearing just the billowing white pants and black boots. He is also considerably more powerful.

With the ability to sense life energy now, Buu journeys to Kami's lookout where the Z Fighters and their loved ones are waiting for Goten and Trunks to master the fusion technique so that they could fight Buu. But Buu is a day early and the boys aren't ready. In an act of desperation Piccolo pleads with Buu to return to the surface and wait an extra day, saying their are plenty of people for Buu to have fun with. Piccolo knows that Buu's victims can be resurrected with the Dragon Balls. In response Majin Buu launches his 'Human Extinction Attack', an assault that kills every Human on Earth with the exception of Tenshinhan, Chaotzu, and Mr. Satan.

Buu agrees to wait one more hour before facing Goten and Trunks. In that period Goku's wife Chi-Chi slaps Buu and verbally remonstrates him for killing her son Gohan (whom is actually not dead, but is training on East Kai˘shin's Planet). Buu's response is turning Chi-Chi into an egg which he proceeds to crush.

Buu fights Gotenks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber but when it appears Gotenks is losing Piccolo destroys the entrance trapping them inside forever. Buu is shocked to learn he will never again have chocolate and in his rage he punches a hole between dimensions. Returning to the lookout he turns everyone he can find into chocolate and devours them. Gotenks and Piccolo copy Buu and escape when Gotenks transforms into a Super Saiyan 3, but too late to help their friends and family.

Buu fights Gohan next, but Gohan, who has been training in Otherworld, proves too much for Buu. Buu therefore deploys yet another of his techniques, the ability to absorb other fighters. He uses this against Piccolo and Gotenks to become Super Buu.

Super Buu is the most intelligent form of Majin Buu. He has the face of Piccolo and the powers of Piccolo and Gotenks added on to his own. His head tentacle is now huge, stretching down past his waist. His assault on Gohan is devastating and it compels Rou Dai Kai˘shin to give his life to Goku, so Goku can return from Otherworld with a plan to fuse with his son and defeat Buu. But Goku's plan goes awry when Buu absorbs Gohan. Luckily Vegeta arrives from Otherworld with special dispensation to fight Buu. Goku and Vegeta fuse using the Potara fusion earrings to form Vegetto and they proceed to fight Majin Buu. Buu has difficulty against the fused being, especially when Vegetto transforms into a Super Saiyan, but eventually manages to turn them into a coffee flavoured jawbreaker. But this piece of candy still possesses intelligence and all of Vegetto's powers. Unable to hit the candy, Buu is compelled to restore Vegetto. He then manages to absorb them. Delighted with his seeming victory Buu goes on a rampage, noting only that he wished he'd kept some Humans around to make it more fun. As he is about to destroy the Earth however his power vanishes and he reverts to his Evil Buu form. Vegetto had intentionally been absorbed so they could free the others, but Buu's digestive system had unexpectedly separated Vegetto back into Goku and Vegeta. Having found their sons and Piccolo encased in pods in the monster's head, they detached them. Buu then entered his own head and fought them, their conflict only coming to a close when Vegeta detaches the pod of the Good Buu. This causes Majin Buu to mutate into his first and last form Kid Buu. The action Continues in the Kid Buu Saga.

Episode list

English anime episode list.

Fusion Saga (21 episodes)

  • 239 The Evil of Men
  • 240 Buu Against Buu
  • 241 Empty Planet
  • 242 Time Struggle
  • 243 Super Moves of Gotenks
  • 244 Trapped in Forever
  • 245 Feeding Frenzy
  • 246 Gotenks is Awesome !
  • 247 Unlucky Break
  • 248 A Whole New Gohan
  • 249 Search for Survivors
  • 250 Majin Buu Transforms
  • 251 The Old Kai's Weapon
  • 252 Ready to Fuse?
  • 253 Union of Rivals
  • 254 Meet Vegetto
  • 255 Rip In The Universe
  • 256 Vegetto Downsized
  • 257 The Incredible Fighting Candy
  • 258 The Innards of Buu
  • 259 Mind Trap
  • 260 Deadly Vision

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