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Emperor Freeza
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Japanese フリーザ
Romaji Furīza
Anime Name Frieza
Manga Name Freeza
Alternate Name(s) Freezer
Canon to Original Manga
First Appearance Issue #???
(DBZ Issue #??)
Appears in Template:Appears in:DBZ, DBGT
Race Unknown
Family Connections
DB Character Listing - Category

Freeza, also known as Frieza, is a fictional character in the manga Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and the anime Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

The name of his race is not mentioned in the series, though fanon often gives it as as "changeling" (due to the ability of changing appearance) or "icer" (due to their glacial appearance and names). They are generally a light-purple colour, hairless, have red eyes, and a prehensile tail. In the Dragon Ball canon, Freeza is the son of King Cold. Although he is the son of a king, he is given the title of Emperor Freeza. This is not explained in the series, though it would seem to imply that Freeza was of a higher rank than his father, but it probably has more to do with a plot inconsistency.

In stories which are often not considered canon to the manga, Freeza is the brother of Cooler (from the Dragon Ball Z movies) and has a son named Kuriza (from Neko Majin Z.)

Being so powerful, he invokes a lot of fear in many. He was born as one of the most powerful creatures in the universe (his inital powerlevel in his first form is stated to be 530,000, where as his strongest minion, Ginyu only has 120,000 at max), and never developed feelings of empathy or love for anyone. He does have paranoia though, and destroys the Planet Vegeta when he fears that several saiyans, most notably Vegeta (and in the anime, Bardock), is/are becoming too powerful and could cause problems in the future if they rebelled.

Despite at the time being the most powerful being in the universe Freeza feared one thing, the legend of the Super Saiyan, the one thing which could destroy him.

Freeza later hears of the dragon balls and their power, so travels to the Planet Namek to try and obtain them. He uses his workforce to terrorise the Namekian population into telling him where they are. He does not have the ability to sense power levels, so uses a scanner to detect power sources.

Freeza has legions of minions, including Zarbon and Dodoria, his right and left-hand men respectively. He also has a highly elite team called the Ginyu Force.

Freeza is usually in a low-power state, and uses a floating chair to move around. He can transform numerous times into a much stronger being.

Freeza was eventually defeated when his own attack against the Super Saiyan Son Goku backfires. He was subsequently blown up in the destruction of Planet Namek. His mangled form was later found in the planet debris by his father King Cold, who then had his workers construct mechanical replacements for Freeza's missing limbs. Once he was resurrected by his father, Freeza swore vengeance on the Saiyan who defeated him. Upon reaching Earth however, he was killed by the Super Saiyan Mirai Trunks.

Freeza spends his afterlife in what is essentially Hell. From there he makes a few brief cameo appearances during the Buu Saga and during some of the Dragonball movies and Dragonball GT.

Special abilities

Earth Line Blast
A powerful, very long and invisible blade-like energy beam Freeza creates with two of his fingers, it can slice through nearly anything. Its English anime name is Great Earth Cutting Row', and it's name in the Budokai game series is "Death Wave". <p>Death Ball
An attack used by Freeza to destroy planets, it is a ball of energy that can grow to the size of a small moon. It was used to destroy both Planet Vegeta and Planet Namek. However the attack used to destroy Namek was completely different in both size, shape, and color, which leads many to believe that it wasn't a Death Ball. The Death Ball was also used on Trunks durring Freeza's visit to Earth, but Trunks was able to catch, and lift it with just one hand demonstrating his immense power. <p>Death Beam
A small, very fast bullet like beam of energy which pierces the opponent. <p>Imprisonment Ball
Freeza traps his opponent in a ball of energy which explodes on contact with anything except his own body. <p>Transformation
This is Freeza's ability to morph himself from a weaker state to a more powerful one. Frieza has 4 basic forms. His first form is strong at the time; it is short and he wears armor with it. His second form is much larger and more typically warrior like with large horns. This third form looks has a greatly extended head much like the Alien aliens. Since his tail was cut off in his 2nd form, we dont' know what it would have looked like in his 3rd form. His fourth form, what he's most known for, is small and white and has a purple areas on it. It's very powerful. He at first doesn't use it's full power, but eventually does. His 100% Max Power is a muscley beefed up version of his 4th form. He uses this against SSJ Goku and does pretty well but eventually runs out of gas. Unlike his brother, Cooler, he does not have a 5th form. <p>Cyborg
Frieza is changed into a Cyborg when his body is found among the reckage of the Planet Namek. This makes him stronger, presumedly stronger than his Fourth form, even at 100%. However, when he dies, he loses this. <p>Destructo Disk
Similar to the normal Kienzan, Freeza's is faster, a different color (purple), and can be controlled (Dragon Ball) fr:Freezer nl:Frieza


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